IMTM 2018 marks start of year-long campaign for promotion of Taiwan to Israeli travellers

It is “Time for Taiwan” as the country goes “all in” on Israel, with a beautiful booth, cultural performances, engaging seminars & free snacks

TEL AVIV, February 1, 2018 -- The 24th International Mediterranean Market (IMTM 2018), which takes place on February 6-7, 2018 at the TLV Convention Center is the first step of a renewed focus for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) to encourage more Israeli travellers to visit the beautiful and unique land of Taiwan, which has so much to offer for all, whether you are a scholarly cultural and historical traveller or an active and adventurous explorer.

Just after the lunar new year celebrations in mid-February, Taiwan will have its annual Lantern Festival, which this year takes place in Chiayi County in Southwestern Taiwan. The opening lantern lighting ceremony represents the beginning of the new lunar year, and wish of good luck and happiness for the year to come.

One of Taiwan’s focal points in its tourism promotion for 2018 is its “Year of Bay Tourism” campaign, which aims to promote sustainable ecotourism to 10 of the country’s smaller islands, such as Turtle Island, Green Island, Orchid Island and more. Each island has its own history and unique experiences and activities, making a multi-stop tour of the islands a worthwhile addition to your itinerary.

This year is also a great time to visit Taiwan for water-sports fans as the World Surf League’s World Longboard Championships will be held in Taiwan’s Taitung County on the east coast from November 22 to December 2, 2018. Adventurous travellers can spend hours this summer river rafting down Xiuguluan, Taiwan’s largest river, and reward themselves with a great barbecue under the stars at one of our many campsites. Keen cyclists all know that Taiwan is the world’s leading producer of high-performance bikes, and with good reason: Taiwanese love to cycle, and the yearlong Taiwan Cycling Festival highlights the many different cycling tours available in Taiwan, which last from just a few hours to almost 2 weeks! These are just a few of the reasons to visit Taiwan, and travellers, travel agents and media alike are all invited to discover many more at Taiwan’s IMTM 2018 booth: #103.

Israeli tourists are some of the most adventurous in the world, yet for many, Taiwan remains an undiscovered paradise of fabulous foods, superb nightlife and a plethora of historical, cultural and natural sites and activities that will change the lives of those looking for new experiences.

TTB has invested in a large, prominent booth close to the main entrance of IMTM, ensuring that Israeli travellers, travel agents and media get the kind of warm welcome they can expect when visiting Taiwan, one of the friendliest places on earth. Taiwan is known as a country of beautifully designed and constructed products, and Taiwan’s booth #103 at IMTM is no exception: Constructed entirely from thick card into a range of complex scenery and furniture that transports visitors into a cartoon version of Taiwan.

The experiences within Taiwan’s IMTM booth are literally a feast for the senses. At the front of the booth, visitors will be able to hear and watch song and dance performances by our aboriginal Taiwanese performers every hour on the hour. At either side of the booth are drink and snack booths, where visitors can taste Taiwan’s famous teas (including bubble milk tea!) as well as a range of snacks. Within the booth, visitors can get hands on with a mix of hourly seminars introducing Taiwan, basic Mandarin Chinese phrases and Chinese calligraphy.

The Taiwan booth will have a broad array of people to speak to, making for highly useful conversations no matter your reasons for visiting IMTM. For Israeli travellers, you will be able to meet with several travel agencies and tour operators from both Israel and Taiwan, who can help you plan your Taiwan trip from end-to-end. You can also talk with a number local Taiwanese and foreigners who have lived long-term in Taiwan that together can give you the inside track on the best things to do in Taiwan. For Israeli travel agents visiting IMTM, you will be able to make the connections you need with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau as well as Taiwanese tour operators in order to establish and enhance your travel business with new exciting Taiwanese destinations for your customers. For Israeli media, you will have the chance to interview senior leaders from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, as well as capture plenty of interesting photos and videos from our opening ceremony at 11am on February 7.


The Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) is the official government agency of Taiwan (R.O.C.) responsible for domestic and international tourism policy development and execution. The Israel market is managed by the Singapore branch of TTB.

The marketing slogans currently in use for Taiwan, are “Time for Taiwan” and “The Heart of Asia”, while the official mascot of the TTB is Oh!Bear, a cartoon Formosan Black back, the national animal of Taiwan.


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