Finish your year in Taiwan with one of our many featured festivals

There’s always something happening in Taiwan to spark your imagination!

TAIPEI, November 28, 2018 -- If it’s one thing Taiwan loves, it is celebrating a festival. Whenever you visit Taiwan, there are always plenty of festivals taking place, and even as 2018 draws to a close, there are still plenty more taking place.


The “Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival” is a magnificent naturally occurring event that takes place from December to March each year in the Maolin National Scenic Area. During this period millions of migrating purple Euploea butterflies cross the ocean and arrive in Taiwan for the winter. The Maolin National Scenic Area is one of only two winter migratory butterfly gorges in the world. Gathering together for the flight to the Dawushan Foothills, these rare wintering butterflies come to avoid the cold the gorges, presenting a spectacular ecological sight—a “Purple Butterfly Valley.” Tourists from every corner of the world travel every year to Maolin to experience firsthand this magnificent, world-class scene of beautiful purple butterflies dancing in the air, and everyone comes away full of praise and admiration. Find out more at


In mid-December, Chiayi will play host to the International Band Festival, a series of events dedicated to marching bands. The key event it the Marching Carnival & Field Show Party for which takes place on Saturday, December 15, 2018. From 2pm, you can watch on as dozens of colorful local and foreign marching bands parade in unison from Zhongshan Road towards the Chiayi City Municipal Stadium. It’s sure to be a treat for both the eyes and ears. Find out more at


Winter is Taiwan’s peak hot spring season, and since 2007 the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has combined two touristic resources - the unique healthcare aspects of thermal springs and the demand for a modern, healthy diet into the “Taiwan Hot Spring & Fine Cuisine Carnival.” This event takes center stage throughout Taiwan at the same time each year, with one of Taiwan’s 17 thermal spring areas chosen as the year’s kick-off location. During this period, hot spring areas throughout the country hold a series of hot spring/fine-cuisine events and pull together hundreds of county and municipal companies, introducing the scenic beauty of the springs, the local cultural landscape, and special products. Find out more at


The Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) is the official government agency of Taiwan (R.O.C.) responsible for domestic and international tourism policy development and execution. The Israel market is managed by the Singapore branch of TTB.

The marketing slogans currently in use for Taiwan, are “Time for Taiwan” and “The Heart of Asia”, while the official mascot of the TTB is OhBear, a cartoon Formosan Black Bear, the national animal of Taiwan.


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