Tourism Bureau launches Formosa Summer Festival

The agency has ensured that seven frozen desserts from around the nation are marketed at tourist attractions and events in their native regions

TAIPEI, June 30, 2018 -- The Tourism Bureau has this year launched the Formosa Summer Festival, which takes place from June 6th until September 30th 2018. The festival highlights a series of events around the island across 5 themes including Sports, Food, Sand Sculpture, Railroad Travel and Summer Solstice.

Due to its tropical climate in the summer, Taiwan has developed possibly the most diverse range of delicious frozen desserts in the world.

The Formosa Summer Festival was launched with a press conference featuring 6 Taiwanese celebrities as ambassadors for a few highlighted desserts for the festival’s duration:

  • Travel program hosts Gigi Lin and her husband, Stanley Lai, will promote aiyu jelly with ice and mango shaved ice respectively.

  • Fitness trainer Eddie Pan is to promote big bowls of shaved ice.

  • Shanny Tu, also known as A Nuo, is to promote shaved ice with sakura shrimp.

  • Ultramarathoner Kevin Lin has been entrusted with promoting cactus ice cream.

  • Radio disc jockey Dennis Au is to promote sugar apple ice and frozen popsicles made by Hualien Sugar Factory.

However, the Formosa Summer Festival isn’t just about Taiwan’s icy delights, but a broad range of activities that can be enjoyed all around the country. For example, a themed concert and light picnic will be taking place on Penghu’s Hujing Island after a hosted introduction to the legendary stories of the island by polar explorer Kevin Lin and sports supermodel Candy Wang. Also during the festival will be a variety of activities taking place on and around Kaohsiung’s Love River, giving visitors an opportunity to engage in watersports or enjoy food and drink on the riverbank.

Of course Taiwan’s famous frozen treats people can be enjoyed while participating in the many activities the Formosa Summer Festival has to offer: “While people travel around the nation to taste the desserts, they can visit tourist attractions and attend other summer events in those areas” said Taiwan Tourism Bureau Director-General Chou Yung-hui.

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The Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) is the official government agency of Taiwan (R.O.C.) responsible for domestic and international tourism policy development and execution. The Israel market is managed by the Singapore branch of TTB.

The marketing slogans currently in use for Taiwan, are “Time for Taiwan” and “The Heart of Asia”, while the official mascot of the TTB is OhBear, a cartoon Formosan Black Bear, the national animal of Taiwan.


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Press contact: Alex Trup