Michelin Guide highlights more Taipei restaurants for their value and quality

12 new restaurants given the Bib Gourmand in 2019 edition!

TAIPEI, March 30, 2019 -- Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) is proud to announce that Michelin Guide, the world-leading culinary platform, has awarded 12 restaurants in Taipei with the Bib Gourmand, their award for establishments that offer good food at a great price. Together with previously shops, the Michelin Guide Taipei 2019 highlights 34 Bib Gourmand restaurants in Taipei.

To qualify for the Bib Gourmand distinction, establishments must offer a three-course meal for a fixed price not exceeding NT$1,300 (around ILS155). This distinction signifies ‘good quality, good value cooking’ and is awarded by Michelin’s inspectors to restaurants for their simple yet skillful cooking.

Dr. Trust H.J. Lin, the Director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau for the Israel Market said: “We know Israelis love good food, but we have also experienced how expensive it is to eat out in Israel. The Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand distinction shows what great value Israelis can get on gourmet food when they make the journey to Taiwan. Our restaurants not only serve unique local recipes, but also delicious cuisine from around the world, making Taiwan not only ‘The Heart of Asia’, but the taste buds too!”

  • A Cheng Goose in Zhongshan District: Opened in 2010, this restaurant is famous for its steamed or smoked goose, the latter being their signature dish.

  • Yi Hsing Pavilion in Wenshan District: Founded in 1938, this family business is now run by the fourth generation who serve a signature seafood-filled meat medallions stuffed and fried till crisp and golden.

  • Shin Yeh Shiao Ju in Nangang District: Catering to small groups and families with a menu designed for sharing, this establishment champions low-fat and low-salt Taiwanese cooking. Dishes such as stir-fried thousand-year eggs with green chillies, and omelette with angled luffa and dried seafood are original recipes not found elsewhere.

  • A Kuo Noodles in Datong District: Next to Ningxia market, this shop serves the traditional greased egg noodles, bean sprouts and crispy seafood in a flavoursome clear broth made daily and simmered for hours.

  • Mai Mien Yen Tsai in Datong District: This shop has more than 80 years of history. There is always a queue lining up for their egg or rice noodles served in a flavoursome stock or dressed in a sweet sauce.

  • Tien Hsia San Chueh in Da’an District: This glamorous noodle shop delivers a signature beef noodle soup with oxtail, shank, tendon and heel muscle.

  • Mother's Kitchen in Shilin District: Providing classic comfort food serves meltingly soft, traditional braised belly.

  • Chili House in Da'an District: This aptly named Sichuan restaurant started out as a small noodle shop more than 60 years ago. Its signature dish is dumplings in red oil, while the restaurant’s menu changes every season.

  • Do It True in Xinyi District: The menu at this 60-plus-year-old shop offers variations of dishes such as crispy and juicy deep-fried meatballs.

  • Jen Ho Yuan in Zhongshan District: Authentic Yunnan fare has been served here since 1956, including show-stopping dishes like string beans stuffed with minced seafood, which offer an intriguing contrast of textures and layered flavours.

  • Rong Rong Yuan in Da’an District: Each dish is prepared as it was when the shop opened in 1965. Their ribs are slow-cooked in an onion broth for six hours until the meat falls off the bone and perfectly matches their guangbing flatbread.

  • Saffron in Shilin District: This Indian restaurant’s signature dishes include Kerala-style roast chicken, coriander chicken naan bread made to order.

For Israelis that have a Kosher diet, Taiwan is also a paradise of vegetarian restaurants, while Chabad Taiwan provides Kosher food made to order and shipped island-wide.


The Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) is the official government agency of Taiwan (R.O.C.)
responsible for domestic and international tourism policy development and execution. The Israel market is managed by the Singapore branch of TTB. The marketing slogans currently in use for Taiwan, are “Time for Taiwan” and “The Heart of Asia”, while the official mascot of the TTB is Oh Bear, a cartoon Formosan Black Bear, the national animal of Taiwan.


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